Jung Shim Classes

Energy classes are a key part of the Jung Shim programme. They teach you how to tap into your own ‘human energy’ source – Qi and learn how to renew it in a sustainable way.

Comprising of chanting, energy movements and meditation, the classes are based on South Korean principles to harness ‘human energy’ and to regain a goodhearted, generous and compassionate state of being. Classes take place in a unique room called the Saemtu which is a peaceful space, full of Qi energy.

The classes support physical energy, emotional wellbeing and spiritual development.


Join an Introduction to Qi Classes with an experienced practitioner:

Tuesday 11.30am - 1.15pm

Thursday 5.30pm - 7.15pm


Qi Class
Chanting Class

A one hour Qi class begins with chanting vibrational sounds. Although unfamiliar at first, the sound works to open the major energy centres and tune the body to receive Qi (energy), leaving participants feeling clear, calm and focused.

They then follow a series of energy movements to create a smooth circulation of Qi throughout the energy meridians. There are a series of movements guided by the class leader. Energy movements detoxify the body and open different energy channels until the entire system is connected. Movements can be adapted depending on an individual’s health condition and flexibility.

A Qi class ends with meditation designed for self-reflection and clearing the mind. By receiving energy first through the chanting and movements the process of meditation is deeper and more effective. Meditation helps to absorb and digest energy received during the class.

After the class participants generally feel calm, clear, detoxified and energised. As a spiritual practise the connection to energy and personal development grows with each class.


Supporting the Qi Class like Yin and Yang, is a 40-minute chanting class. Chanting helps you to harness the power of your human energy in an uplifting class. Chanting builds a connection with yourself and Qi.

The chants are vibrational sounds. They help to open the energy pathways and declutter the mind restoring clarity and peace. The chants clear negative energy absorbed during the day, whilst reminding you of your goodhearted, generous and compassionate nature within.

There are two different chants recited in the class to harmonise with the vibration of nature and receive energy receive. At Jung Shim, chanting can help with healing; clearing energy in a space; regaining a positive and happy mind; achieving a decision by focusing energy; and connecting and regaining a goodhearted state of being. 


Coaching comprises of inspiring talks to understand energy, the Jung Shim philosophy and the mind as well as individual mentoring sessions for personal development.

Specially trained energy practitioners guide you to release the deep-rooted blockages held in the mind that prevent the smooth circulation of energy. They help you to get the most out of the classes for your happiness and health.


Jung Shim classes online

All classes at Jung Shim are broadcast live for you to join in from wherever you are in the world.

Please enquire to try an online class.



Jung Shim classes run on a flexible timetable and there are up to 5 classes a day. Monthly membership allows you to join any class in the centre or online, working at your own pace through the steps with the support of the energy practitioners.

Classes will be available in Copenhagen soon, but until then you can join our online classes. They are broadcast live and are a great way to recharge from your home. Please Enquire here.

"After 6 months of Qi Classes, my back pain has disappeared and to date has not returned. After 20-odd years of pain, I am needless to say very pleased. The more I train, the more progress I make. The bottom line is - it works!"

Jung Shim membership entitles you to:

Our online membership gives you access to live streamed and pre-recorded classes that you can participate in from home. Please enquire to find out more.



Classes FAQs
Can anyone join a Jung Shim Class?

Jung Shim classes are suitable for all ages and levels of ability. Movements can be adapted for those with health issues or who are less flexible. Participants normally sit on a cushion on the floor but chairs are available

What do I wear?

Members can purchase a martial arts uniform for comfort and ease with the movements or can wear their own comfortable clothes. We ask you to wear socks and T-shirts/tops rather than sleeveless tops

I can’t sing, can I still chant.

Chanting works with the breath from the energy centre in the abdomen. You don’t need to be a good singer to be able to chant. Chanting is done alongside a recording and in a group so there is no need to feel self-conscious.

I find meditation very difficult and can’t still my mind.

The classes start with chanting and movements, designed to calm and still the mind. This makes meditation easier and deeper. The meditation follows step by step guidelines suitable for beginners and those that struggle with meditation.

How many classes are recommended?

Jung Shim classes run on a flexible timetable and you can attend any class as little or as often as you please. We request you arrive 10 minutes before the class starts. We recommend starting with 2 classes a week.

I am not a spiritual person, will the class suit me?

The classes originate in Korea and stem from a philosophy that embraces oriental and Taoist teachings. The classes are open to anyone, no matter what their religious, ethnic or cultural backgrounds. We ask participants to respect the etiquette and manners of the class, which include bowing, such as in martial arts.

What physical problems can Jung Shim classes help?

Jung Shim classes help to recharge the body with energy to stimulate the body’s own healing ability. They can be beneficial to those suffering from digestive disorders, fatigue, pain, insomnia and other ailments, please enquire if you would like advice on your particular health concern.

What emotional problems can Jung shim classes help?

Jung Shim classes calm the mind as well as recharging the body. They can be beneficial in the support of those suffering from anxiety, stress, depression, anger, low self-esteem, lack of focus or motivation and help relieve the pressures of modern life, by providing a tranquil and energised environment.

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